Jesus, Lover Of Godís Elect †††††††


Don Fortner


(Tune: The Doxology†††† LM)


Jesus, Lover of Godís elect,

With glory shall they all be decked,

For whom on Calvary You bled,

For whom Your blood atonement made.



We shall with joy behold our Head,

The Christ Who suffered in our stead,

Clothed in His righteousness by grace,

Blameless before our Fatherís face!



Chosen by God to be made whole,

We are the travail of His soul.

The jewels of His holy crown,

The Son of God will not disown.



Our sins upon our Lord were laid.

Our dreadful debt He fully paid.

He bore our countless sins away!

Thereís nothing left for us to pay.



Justice appeased by Jesusí blood

Demands that all for whom He stood

Appear in heaven by His side,

Perfect, forever glorified!