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Jesus Intercedes — Don Fortner

(Tune: #233 — Depth of Mercy — 77.77)


1.      Saints of God, dismiss your fear,

Joy and peace will soon appear;

To the throne of grace draw nigh, —

Jesus intercedes on high.


2.      Come before your Father’s throne,

Make your needs and sorrows known;

Never, never, doubt His love, —

Jesus intercedes above.


3.      Satan roars and people frown,

That should never cast you down;

All is working for your good, —

Jesus intercedes with blood.


4.      Though corruptions rise and rage,

Hear what God, our Savior, says: —

“Reigning grace shall sin subdue! —

Jesus intercedes for you!


5.      He has made your cause His own, —

He is Priest upon His throne.

You shall gain eternal bliss, —

Jesus intercedes for this!”




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