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Jehovah’s Ways — How Vast! How Deep! Don Fortner

(Tune: # — O for a Thousand Tongues —CM)


1.    Jehovah’s ways — How vast! How deep!

His footsteps are unknown.

Though clouds and darkness clothe His feet,

Still, mercy is His throne!


2.    Come, bow before His Throne of Grace. —

God knows His purpose well:

He sets the bounds of time and place,

Where all His chosen dwell.


3.    He’s wise and good. He cannot err. —

Love cannot be unkind.

However dark His dealings are,

His saints should be resign’d.


4.    If our poor, trembling hearts could know

Our Father’s great designs,

In all He does, we’d humbly bow,

And never more repine.


5.    We live by faith, and not by sense: —

Faith unseen things explores.

We trust the God of providence,

And His rich grace adore!




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