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JehovahÕs Love the Bond of Peace Don Fortner

(Tune: #497 — When I Can Read My Title Clear —CD)

1.    What is the joy that fills our souls,

Descending from above,

The law that now compels and rules? —

It is JehovahÕs love.

2.    What holy bond of peace unites

The Church of God in one,

And fills believers with delight! —

JehovahÕs love alone.

3.    What gracious force constrains the soul

In all the ways we move?

What can our raging lusts control? —

It is JehovahÕs love.

4.    What fire is that that warms the heart

And every life improve?

What else such sweetness can impart,

Except JehovahÕs love?

5.    Oh, that JehovahÕs love may fill

My soul, while here below,

And guide me safe to ZionÕs hill,

Where its fulness IÕll know!







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