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JehovahÕs LoveDon Fortner

(Tune: #46— O For A Thousand Tongues —CM)

1.    What sacred theme inspires the hearts

Of GodÕs elect with songs?

What is the song of saints above,

The ransomed, blood-bought throng?

2.    JehovahÕs love swells every note,

And sounds from every chord,

Throughout the nations of the earth,

And echoes back to God!

3.    He loved His saints ere time began,

And gave them to His Son;

Yea, love contrived His covÕnant and

The covÕnant work was done!

4.    He loved His chosen when they lay

Beneath sinÕs cruel yoke;

ŌTwas love that stooped our debt to pay,

And love our fetters broke.

5.    Unchanging love, alone, could bear

With sinners vile and base.

It gives us heavÕn, it takes us there,

And tunes our harps for praise!







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