Jehovah-jirehDon Fortner

(Tune: # 497 — When I can Red my Title Clear — CM)


1.    Believer, let not unbelief

Your peace and joy devour! —

Jehovah-jireh sends relief,

For evÕry trying hour.


2.    The Lord will keep you; be assured,

Encamped on evÕry side

Is Christ the Angel of the Lord! —

Jehovah will provide!


3.    Though strength may fail and woes increase,

Our God the same abides.

His love and mercy never cease! —

Jehovah will provide!


4.    He saw us fallen, lost and dead,

And did for us provide

Himself a Lamb who, in our stead,

Was sacrificed and died.


5.    All grace in Christ for AbramÕs seed,

And heavÕnly bliss beside,

Jehovah-jireh has decreed

Forever to provide!





Don Fortner



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