Jehovah will ProvideDon Fortner

(Tune: #11 — When all Thy Mercies, O my God — CM)


1.    No more, my soul, let unbelief,

Your joy and peace devour:

Jehovah-jireh sends relief

Sufficient for each hour.


2.    With dangers thick, though dark my way,

With foes on evŐry side,

Still all is well, for day by day

Jehovah will provide!


3.    Though I am weak, I must confess,

And often fail when tried,

My Savior all-sufficient grace

Has promised to provide!


4.    Jehovah-jireh, ever wise,

My Refuge, here I hide: —

My cause He will take up, and rise

His mercy to provide!


5.    He saw me ruined, lost and dead,

And did Himself provide

A Lamb to suffer in my stead: —

Jehovah crucified!


6.    All grace in Christ God has decreed,

And endless bliss beside,

For all the ransomed chosen seed;

And that He will provide!





Don Fortner



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