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Jehovah-Jesus is Our GodDon Fortner

(Tune: #249 — Just As I Am —LM)


1.    On heaven’s high, eternal throne,

Where dwells our God, the Three-in-One,

Jehovah-Jesus holds His seat: —

All worlds lie prostrate at His feet.

2.    His radiant glories, all Divine,

Upon the heav’nly angels shine.

Each waits the orders of His Lord,

The God-man by them all adored.

3.    The Father’s will and His, are one;

And all is given to the Son!

He rules the nations as He will,

His sove’reign purpose to fulfil.

4.    All that His Father is He claims:

His honors, attributes, and names.

He spread the starry skies abroad,

And heav’n and earth proclaim Him God!

5.    Jehovah-Jesus is our God,

The One who bought us with His blood!

Our mighty, sin-atoning Lamb

Is God Himself, the great I AM!




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