Jehovah is Our God — Don Fortner

(Tune: #187 — Blest be the Tie —SM)


1.    Jehovah is our God,

Our Portion and our Friend:

Let us, then, sound His praise abroad,

And trust Him to the end.


2.    The Lord delights in men,

Chosen and made His own;

Receives us and forgives our sin,

And hears our every groan.


3.    Our feelings and desires

Are pleasant in His sight;

And when our hope to Him aspires,

He views it with delight!


4.    He calls us His beloved,

With us delights to dwell!

His kindness we have proved and proved.

His love we love to tell.


5.    Rejoice, blest, favored saints,

For God delights in you!

Be gone my fears! Hush my complaints!

IÕll heavÕnly joys pursue!







Don Fortner



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