Don Fortner


Born in sin, I chose the path

That would bring eternal death:

Long I walked the rebel's way

'Til grace stopped me in my way-

Now this sinner lives to tell,

Jesus saves from death and hell!

God revealed His Son in me,

By His Spirit, set me free!

By almighty grace I'm free

From all guilt and sin I'm free!

And this sinner loves to tell,

Jesus saves from sin and hell!


Jesus, Jesus crucified!

Jesus once for sinners died!

Now His blood, by grace applied,

Tells me I am justified!

Hear this word of grace I tell,

Jesus saved my soul from hell!


Though I'm full of sin, I know,

Jesus will not let me go.

Though I fall, (and oft I do!)

Grace restores, and I tell you-

Jesus, who saves me from hell,

Can by grace save you as well!


Look to Jesus, look and live!

He will free salvation give!

Trust His blood and righteousness,

And you have His saving grace!

Hear the good news, hear it well-

Sinners Jesus saves from hell!


(Tune: Rock of Ages)