Don Fortner


(Tune:  Our Great Savior #49)



         Jesus only is my Savior,

         Jesus only will I praise:

         Trusting Him, I need no other,

         Trusting Him, I have all grace.



         Jesus is my God and Savior,

         Jesus saves me by His grace:

         Jesus only, Jesus only,

         Jesus only will I praise!


         Jesus only represents me,

         He's the Lord, my Righteousness!

         His obedience, perfect, holy,

         Is before my God my dress.


         Jesus only died at Calvary

         Bearing all my guilt and sin:

         Precious blood, He shed so freely,

         Has atoned for all my sin!


         Jesus only rules in heaven,

         There for me He intercedes:

         By His blood I am forgiven,

         And for me His blood He pleads.


         Jesus only, King of glory,

         Soon will come to call me home:

         I will see Him, Jesus only!

         When I reach my heav'nly home.