Don Fortner


(Tune: Holy Spirit, Faithful Guide #169 77.77D)


Jesus ever speaks by blood

For the chosen sons of God.

Who shall charge us now with sin?

Jesus' blood declares us clean!

All our sins on Christ were laid.

He for sinners sin was made!

When for us the Surety died,

Justice there was satisfied.


Though the law could never bow,

It cannot condemn us now.

Jesus' blood makes us complete,

Speaking from the mercy-seat.

For His ransomed ones He claims,

(See, upon His heart their names!)

Pardon and eternal life,

Pleading His great sacrifice.


God in judgment still will hear

Jesus' blood our souls to clear:

"All their debts you cast on Me,

All is paid, they must go free!"

Then His courts we'll enter in,

Freed from guilt and blame and sin!

Sinners reconciled by blood,

Evermore we'll praise our God!