Don Fortner


(Tune: Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed #110 CM)


Jesus! The name I love to hear!

Jesus! The name I trust!

Jesus alone is full of grace!

Jesus alone I trust!


My soul was guilty and condemned,

In bondage, dead, I lay,

Hopeless, and helpless, and depraved,

Rushing to hell each day.


But Jesus Christ, mighty to save,

Stretched out His saving hand.

He snatched me from the jaws of hell,

And turned my heart to Him!


He showed me how He bled and died,

And purged my sins away.

I saw my Savior crucified -

O happy, glorious day!


Beset by foes within, without,

I look to Christ alone.

Immutable, free, sovereign grace

Will bring this sinner home! </P>


Jesus! I love to hear His name!

Jesus is my great God!

I'll evermore proclaim His praise,

Who saved me by His blood!