Don Fortner


Jehovah reigns! Rejoice, rejoice,

God sits upon His throne!

With fear and trembling hear His voice,

His purpose shall be done.


Jehovah, sov'reign Savior,

Our everlasting King,

We gladly bow before You:

Your praises we will sing.


"What I have spoken, I will do,

My purposes shall stand;

And to my cov'nant I'll be true,

None can restrain My hand."


In heav'n above God has His way,

And in the earth below:

Both men and demons He will sway

To do His will, I know.


In glorious, sov'reign majesty,

Our God performs His will:

His purpose from etemity,

He must and will fulfill.


An everlasting glorious name,

God for Himself shall have:

Creation shall proclaim His fame

God shall all glory have!


(Tune: Near to the Heart of God)

Common Meter Double 86.86.D