“It is Finished!” Don Fortner


(Tune: #145 — Hail! Thou Once Despised Jesus! — 87.87.87)



  1. Hear the voice of grace and glory, in our dying Savior’s cry,

Rending rocks and hills asunder, and the veil to bring us nigh, —

It is finished! It is finished!” Our victorious Savior cried.


  1. It is finished!” — See God’s pleasure prosper in our risen Lord!

Cov’nant blessings, without measure, flow to us by Jesus’ blood.

It is finished! It is finished!” Oh, how sweet the Savior’s word!


  1. Finished, all justice demanded! Finished, all required by law!

Finished, all portrayed and promised in the shadows of the law!

It is finished! It is finished!” Bow, believe, rejoice with awe!


  1. Jesus finished our salvation, when He died upon the tree: —

Righteousness and full redemption for His loved and chosen seed!

It is finished!” Hallelujah! Praise the Lamb of Calvary!