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It Shall Be Well with the Righteous Don Fortner

(Tune: #33 — Stand Up and Bless the Lord —SM)


1.    What happy words are those;

Who can their sweetness tell? —

“It shall be well with the righteous.”

God says, “It shall be well.”


2.    Through flood and flame they pass,

But God is with them still.

“Fear not,” the Lord their Savior says,

“`Tis with the righteous well.”


3.    Kept by God’s arm secure,

Beneath His watchful eye,

It shall be well while life endures,

And when the righteous die.


4.    Oh yes, when Jesus calls

The righteous home to dwell,

In heav’n we’ll sing with virgin souls,

“`Tis with the righteous well!”




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