“It Is Finished!”         Don Fortner

(Tune: #444 – There’s A Wideness In God’s Mercy – 87.87)

1.       It is finished!” Sinners, hear it,

Hear the dying Savior’s cry.

Hear the Lord Himself declare it.–

Justice has been satisfied!


2.       It is finished!” Go proclaim it

To poor sinners far and wide.

(Holy Spirit, make them hear it!)

Jesus Christ for sinners died.


3.       It is finished!” All is over.

Jesus drank damnation dry!

What a Savior! What a Savior!

See Him now exalted high!


4.       It is finished!” Look, behold Him,

Seated at His Father’s side!

Yonder, on the throne behold Him,

Christ our Substitute, Who died.


5.       It is finished!” Hear Him pleading

As our Advocate on High,

His own blood’s great merit, pleading,

Pleading justice satisfied!


6.       It is finished!” Can you hear Him?

All the work is fully done.

Now believing, looking to Him,

We are saved by God’s own Son!