In the Lord RejoiceDon Fortner
(Tune: #42 — All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name — CM)

Lift up your heart, brother, and sing,
And sing, with cheerful voice,
The glories of your Savior’s name,
And in the Lord rejoice!

Though low may be your earthly state,
And darkness thick abounds,
Your Savior yet remains the same. —
So in the Lord rejoice!

Till God can change, His love is sure,
His mercy varies not,
His grace forever is the same! —
So in the Lord rejoice!

Neither your sins, nor death, nor hell,
Can tear you from His heart,
Or make Him care the less for you! —
So in the Lord rejoice!

Your Lord, who put away your sin,
And bought you with His blood,
You know, will only do you good. —
So in the Lord rejoice!