In Your Cross, My Dying God††† Don Fortner

(Tune: #169 Holy Spirit, Faithful Guide Ė 77.77D)

1.       In Your cross, my dying God,

†††††† In the fountain of Your blood,

†††††† I see everlasting love,

†††††† Love that time cannot remove!

†††††† Though all hell enraged arise,

†††††† And my sin before me lies,

†††††† Grace infallible I see

†††††† In my God upon the tree!


2.       Justice satisfied defends

†††††† My poor soul; and it contends

†††††† Iím from condemnation free,

†††††† Since my God has died for me!

†††††† In the teeth of all my sin,

†††††† Savior, give me grace to lean

†††††† On You and to all confess, --

†††††† ďChrist is all my righteousness!Ē


3.       Blood atonement calms my fear,

†††††† Thereís no condemnation here.

†††††† Satanís vanquished, death is dead,

†††††† By Your blood at Calvíry shed!

†††††† Trusting You, none can be lost.

†††††† (I will glory in Your cross!)

†††††† Iím secure beneath Your blood,

†††††† Christ, my slain and risen God!

Don Fortner