In HeavenÕs Lofty Court — Don fortner

(Tune: #33 — Stand Up and Bless the Lord — SM )


  1. In heavenÕs lofty court, where justice reigns and shines,

There truth makes constant, strict report, of all the sinnerÕs crimes.


  1. But thereÕs an Advocate, for GodÕs elect employed,

Who pleads my cause, secures my state, and floods my heart with joy.


  1. Oft as my sins appear, before my FatherÕs eyes,

Jesus, my Advocate draws near, and pleads His sacrifice.


  1. My guilt has often stood like mountains to oppose;

But that blest ocean, — JesusÕ blood, all mountains overflows!


  1. The law its sentence reads, and conscience owns it true;

My Advocate His merit pleads, and says IÕm white as snow!





Don Fortner



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