In Christ My Hiding PlaceDon Fortner

(Tune: # 131 — Lift up, Lift up your Voices Now — LM)


1.    This worldís a waste and barren land,

A rugged path oíer scorching sand;

But through this desert we must haste,

Before the joys of heavín we taste.


2.    To scare this trembling soul of mine,

Godís law and hell appear combined; —

What frowns of justice cloud the sky,

And raise the violent tempest high!


3.    But there on Calvíryís summit stands

The Man who, with extended hands,

Invites me to His opíning side,

ďCome, weary sinner safely hide.Ē


4.    Weary and foul, with sin replete,

My soul flies to this blest Retreat: —

This Rock hides me from scorching beams,

And from it flows salvationís streams.


5.    In Christ my Hiding-Place so good,

Iíll fear no storms, Iíll dread no flood;

But smiling at the threatíning waves,

Iíll bless Jehovah, God Who saves.





Don Fortner



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