Don Fortner


(Tune: I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say  #225  CMD)


Madly in sin my course I ran,

Despising all that's good,

My sinful heart, swelling with pride,

All enmity to God!

My guilty conscience pricked my heart

And slight impressions made;

The law of God, with threats of hell,

Filled me with fear and dread.


Still I pursued my lusts with zeal;

(Satan and sin are strong!)

With hardened heart and stubborn will,

To hell I plodded on!

When first I heard the gospel's call

Inviting me to Christ,

I yet despised the Son of God!

I would not bow to Christ!


But God the Spirit came with grace

That I could not resist;

He gave me life! He gave me faith!

He made me bow to Christ!

Blest is the man chosen by God

And forced by sov'reign grace

To come to Christ with willing heart

And humbly seek His grace!