Don Fortner


(Tune: Jesus Calls Us  #374  87.87.)


In Your presence, Lord, assembled,

We have come to worship You.

Bowing at Your throne we're humbled

Now by faith to call on You.


As we sing, and pray, and listen

To the message of Your grace,

Give to us a blessed token

Of Your mercy, love, and grace.


Send Your Spirit, call the chosen

Gathered here to Christ in faith.

By Your sov'reign grace awaken

Sinners from darkness and death.


Oh, revive, refresh, and quicken

Us, the people of Your choice.

Cause our languid souls to 'waken

By our Savior's loving voice.


Teach each soul Your love to ponder,

Saving love, eternal, free!

Crying, (lost in holy wonder),

"Why, O Lord, such love to me?"