Don Fortner


Lord Jesus, Savior, God above

My heart and voice I raise,

To praise You for Your matchless love

And for Your sov'reign grace!

Before all worlds, in covenant grace,

You set Your heart on me,

Made me a vessel of Your grace,

And resolved to save me!

Descending from Your throne on high,

With men You came to dwell,

That as my Surety You might die,

To save my soul from hell!

In shame and agony You died,

Beneath the wrath of God;

In my place You were crucified:

You bought me with Your blood.


Exalted to Your heav'nly throne,

You rule over all flesh:

In love for me, Your chosen one,

You rule in providence,

And in the time of love You came

And spread Your skirt o'er me;

Savior Divine, You spoke my name

And caused me to believe!


Now what I am I owe to You:

I'm saved by sov'reign grace!

Jesus, my Savior, I'll praise You

And magnify Your grace!

Lord, when I reach my home above

And see You face to face-

Then perfectly I'll praise Your love,

And still adore Your grace.


(Tune: My Faith Has Found a Resting Place)

Common Meter Double 86.86.D