Don Fortner


Your Word, O God, I love to read,

Or hear the Bible read to me:

Earth's greatest privilege indeed-

To have the Book declared to me.


The Word is like a fire to melt

My heart so cold, and make me groan:

Its pow'r is like a hammer felt,

And breaks this stubborn heart of stone.


God speaks again, His Word reveals

The Substitute for sinners slain:

Forgiveness by His blood it tells,

A balm to heal my heart's great pain.


Spirit of God, my Teacher be,

Give eyes of faith always to see

The Word's great truth and mystery-

In every line show Christ to me.


Dear Lord, my thanks I give to You,

For Your inspired and holy Word,

My reverence and allegiance too

It claims, the mighty Word of God.


(Tune: O Master Let Me Walk with Thee)

Long Meter 88.88.