Don Fortner


See the table spread before you,

See the feast of bread and wine:

These are symbols of our Savior,

Tokens of His love divine.

Bread that's broken is His body,

Crushed beneath the wrath of God:

Wine poured out is a reminder

Of our Savior's precious blood.

Children of our God remember

How He bought your soul and mine:

In remembrance of our Savior,

Eat the bread and drink the wine.

Jesus came the God incarnate,

To fulfill God's holy law:

On the cross He made atonement,

And retrieved us from the fall.


Let us ne'er forget the promise

Jesus made to come again:

Soon He comes, our King to call us

Home to glory-Praise His name!

With this hope and expectation,

We rejoice to keep this feast,

Celebrating our redemption,

Till we lean on Jesus' breast.


(Tune: Brethren, We Have Met to Worship)

87.87. Double