Don Fortner


Free from the law's great curse,

In Jesus we are free:

For Christ became a curse for us

And died upon the tree.

The rituals of the law

And all the law's commands

Have been fulfilled in Christ the Lord,

Established by His hands.

No cov'nant with the law

Can now with us exist:

Complete in Christ we stand by grace,

Both free and ever blessed.

No more the dread of wrath,

No more constrained by fear,

We worship and we serve our God

With gratitude and cheer.


In Jesus we are free,

In Jesus we are free-

Free from all sin and from all guilt,

We live in liberty!

We'll join the happy song,

With all the blood-bought throng,

And sing the praises of the Lamb,

Whose grace makes us His own.


(Tune: Crown Him with Many Crowns)

Short Meter Double 66.86.D