IN HIM ALONE I STAND!†††††††††††††††††

Don Fortner

(Tune: Am I A Soldier?††† #414†† CM)


My God is perfect righteousness

And that demands from me.

But all my works of righteousness

Are filthy rags, I see.


When I consider all Heís done

To save my wretched soul,

My thoughts are spoiled for mercies known

By rising pride so foul!


I hope I have a holy flame,

Created by Godís grace,

To magnify His worthy name;

But sin dispels the blaze.


My heart! My heart! Full of vile thoughts!

With sin it overflows!

How can a ransomed soul, blood bought,

Be such a den of woes?


My only hope, my only plea

Is that Christ died for me.

My hope is in my Surety.

Whose blood atones for me!


Let others in the gaudy dress

Of their own merit stand,

Christ is the Lord my Righteousness,

In Him alone I stand!