Don Fortner


All children of wrath, in bondage and sin,

We helplessly lay, condemned and unclean:

God's law, in its infinite justice and wrath,

Demanded we suffer an eternal death.

But long before time had ever begun,

One stood in our place, God's glorious Son:

He offered Himself to go live among men,

And give His own life to atone for our sin.


The great Substitute, behold, He has come!

The price has been paid; the work is all done:

Christ took on Himself the great load of our sin-

He poured out His blood, and He put away sin.


God's justice and law are now satisfied,

And all who believe have been justified:

Through faith in the blood of the Lamb we are free,

From sin's condemnation, eternally free!


(Tune: O Worship the King)

10 10.11 11.