Don Fortner


(Tune:  Only Trust Him #252 CM)


      The Jews of old their sabbaths kept,

      A picture of that rest

      Which sinners find in Christ, who said,

      "Come unto me and rest."



Look to Jesus, He has finished

All the law required:

Glory, glory, Christ has finished

All the law required!


      Under the law they sacrificed

      The blood of helpless lambs,

      Pictures of Christ, the Lamb of God,

      Who took away our sins.


      By tithes those ancient ones confessed

      That they belonged to God:

      By willing faith we consecrate

      Our all to Christ our God.


      Helpless, we never could obey

      The law's righteous commands;

      But Jesus lived and died for us,

      And met its just demands.


      God's holy law points us to Christ,

      Who fulfilled its designs:

      In Christ the law is magnified –

        In Him its glory shines!