Don Fortner

 (Tune: Majestic Sweetness #52 CM)


If I'm redeemed and justified,

 It is by blood and grace;

 If I am saved and sanctified,

 To Christ the work I trace.


 Nothing have I but sin and guilt

 That I can call my own;

 My only hope of life with God

 Is grace in Christ His Son.


 I have no sin atonement but

 The blood of Christ, the Lamb,

 No way of access to my God

 But Jesus blessed Name.


 No righteousness have I, my God,

 But Christ, Your darling Son!

 I trust the merits of His blood

 And all that He has done.


 Christ Jesus is alone my Hope!

 He' s my Salvation too!

 My Savior, Prophet, Priest and king!

 To Him all praise is due!