IÕm on My Way to Heaven!Don Fortner

(Tune: #42 — All Hail the Power of JesusÕ Name —CM)


1.    Our Savior, Christ, the Son of God,

Our Lord we now confess;

We eat His flesh and drink His blood,

And wear His righteousness.


2.    No more let earthÕs alluring toys

Our heaven-born souls debase;

In Jesus we have heavenly joys,

As subjects of His grace.


3.    By Christ created priests and kings,

With Him we soon shall reign;

We must not let mere earthly things,

A hold on us retain.


4.    My soul aspire to scenes of bliss,

(Those waiting for glorious crowns!)

Beyond this dreary wilderness,

Its flattÕry and its frowns!


5.    Joint heirs with Christ, by second birth,

Eternal life is given!

Away all vanities of earth, —

IÕm on my way to heaven.!









Don Fortner



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