Iím Accepted! Iím Accepted ó Don Fortner

(Tune: #61 ó O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus ó 87.87D)


  1. Iím accepted! Iím accepted! Iím accepted in Godís Son!

Justified, pardoned, accepted ó Holy as the Holy One!

Blest of God with every blessing, long before the world began!

Loved of God and one with Jesus, who can charge my soul with sin?


  1. Heir of God, joint-heir with Jesus, heavenís gates Iíll enter in!

Face to face, Iíll see my Savior, He Who put away my sin!

Lamb of God, eternal Savior, I will ever praise Your name!

Worthy, worthy, worthy ever is the Lamb for sinners slain!


  1. See Him yonder, high exalted, King and Priest upon His throne!

Reign, almighty King, forever! Everywhere, Your will be done.

When is finished all the purpose of our God, the Three-in-One,

All Your saints will bow before You, casting at Your feet their crowns.