Don Fortner


Long, long before the world was made

God chose to save me by His grace,

And blessed me in my covenant Head

With every blessing of His grace:

In Christ, my Surety, was found

A ransom for God's chosen one;

Deliverance was then proclaimed,

And God's great work of grace begun.


In the due time my Savior came

To do His holy Father's will;

A body was prepared for Him,

That He might righteousness fulfill:

When Christ had righteousness brought in,

He took my awful load of sin;

Dying for me upon the tree,

My Savior put away my sin.


Though I was born a child of wrath,

Depraved and helpless, dead in sin,

And though I chose the rebel's path,

My Savior's love could not be quenched!

He sought and found me by His grace:

Awakened by His Spirit's call,

I'm saved, I'm saved by sovereign grace!


Amazing, free and sovereign grace-

In love Christ Jesus took my place!

Chosen, redeemed and called by grace,

To Christ alone I give all praise.

My only hope, my only plea,

Is that Christ lived and died for me:

In Him alone I am complete;

To Christ alone my praise shall be.


(Tune: Saved by Grace)

Long Meter Double 88.88.D