I Would Commune With Christ Above††††

Don Fortner

(Tune: When I Survey #118†† LM)


Weaned from the earth, my heart subdued,

†††††† Lord, I would live alone to You,

†††††† Devoted to the One Who died

†††††† My guilty soul to justify.



Savior, preserve me from the strife,

†††††† The noise, the lusts, the pride of life.

†††††† My heart for heavín alone prepare.

†††††† Set my affection wholly there.



Control my thoughts. My spirit rule.

†††††† My every passion, Lord, control.

†††††† My stony, icy heart inflame

†††††† With love for my Redeemerís name.



I would commune with Christ above,

†††††† The dearest Object of my love.

†††††† For this, O Lord, no strength have I

†††††† But humbly at Your feet to lie!