I Thought; But I Was Wrong Ė Don Fortner

(Tune: #39 ďThis Is My Fatherís World -- SMD)


Things are not as I thought, Before I knew the Lord,

With sinners loved, redeemed, and brought

To faith in Christ the Lord.

I thought my inward sin Would quickly disappear,

That all those lusts of flesh obscene,

Would cause me no more care.


I thought that faith and love, And grace would be so strong,

That I would rise and live above.

All that I knew was wrong.

I thought that I would pray And read Godís Word with ease,

That Satanís roars would cease the day

I met the Prince of Peace.


All that I thought was wrong! Instead of ease I know

A constant warfare, raging strong,

That ever brings me low.

So to Godís throne I go, A sinner seeking grace,

And bathing in the Fount that flows

From there I find my peace!


When Satan roars and points To all I know I am,

Faith, with a joyful finger points

To Christ the risen Lamb!

My only hope is grace From God Who canít repent,

In Christ, ďThe Lord our Righteousness,Ē

On Whom Godís wrath was spent!