Don Fortner


I see the blessed Savior

Uplifted on the tree,

The law holds Him its captive,

That sinners might go free:

His blood, poured out in mercy,

It does for sin atone:

I hear Him cry, "It is finished!"

The work is fully done!


I see the mighty Victor,

Arising from the grave,

Death, hell and Satan vanquished,

This mighty God can save!

Christ took His place in heaven,

Upon the throne above:

To Him all pow'r is given

To save the souls He loves.


I hear Him interceding,

He spreads His wounded hands;

For sinners He is pleading,

More numerous than the sands:

He asks for those He purchased.

His blood is all He pleads:

The Father can't refuse Him,

He'll have His ransomed seed.


I trust You, Jesus, Savior,

I bow before Your throne;

By sov'reign mercy save me,

And take me for Your own!

Your blood's my only cleansing,

Your righteousness, my robe:

You are my only Refuge,

I have no other hope.


(Tune: Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus)

76.76. Double