Don Fortner


(Tune: Saved By Grace  #512 LMD)


       Long, long before the world was made

       God chose to save me by His grace,

       And blessed me in my covenant Head

       With every blessing of His grace:

       In Christ, my Surety, was found

       A ransom for God's chosen one;

       Deliverance was then proclaimed,

       And God's great work of grace begun.


       In the due time my Savior came

       To do His holy Father's will;

       A body was prepared for Him,

       That He might righteousness fulfil:

       When Christ had righteousnes brought in,

       He took my awful load of sin;

       Dying for me upon the tree,

       My Savior put away my sin.


       Though I was born a child of wrath,

       Depraved and helpless, dead in sin,

       And though I chose the rebel's path,

       Despising God and loving sin,

       My Savior's love could not be quenched!

       He sought and found me by His grace:

       Awakened by His Spirit's call,

       I'm saved, I'm saved by sovereign grace!


       Amazing, free and sovereign grace

       In love Christ Jesus took my place!

       Chosen, redeemed and called by grace,

       To Christ alone I give all praise.

       My only hope, my only plea,

       Is that Christ lived and died for me:

       In Him alone I am complete;

       To Christ alone my praise shall be.