Don Fortner


(Tune: I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say #225 CMD)


      Though I was born and lived in sin,

      A wretched child of wrath,

      Justly condemned and helpless too,

      Deserving endless death -

      Christ freed me from the law's dread curse,

      I'm not in bondage now!

      Its' terrors I no longer dread,

      Its' wrath I'll never know!


      Christ is the Lord my Righteousness,

      Who lived and died for me;

      Fulfilling all the law's demands,

      His blood has made me free!

      That blood, applied, removes my guilt

      And gives me perfect peace:

      There's nothing left for me to do,

      I'm saved by sov'reign grace!


      I will not live by legal rules,

      Like slaves who know not God;

      I am a son, an heir of grace,

      A sinner bought by blood!

      The love and grace of God in Christ

      (The law of ransomed sons)

      Constrain my heart, most willingly

            To live for Christ alone.