Don Fortner

(Tune: Lift Up, Lift Up Your Voices Now #131 - LM)

Astonished, by my sin oppressed,

       Looking within, I am distressed.

       My heart, the seat of every sin,

       Is vile, deceitful and unclean!



There’s nothing good to give me cheer,

       But only lusts, and pride, and fear!

       For freedom from my guilt and doubt,

       I look away to Christ without!



My hope is not in what I am,

       Or think, or do, but in the Lamb!

       I rest my soul upon the blood

       And righteousness of Christ, my God.



The Lamb which God Himself provides

       His law and justice satisfies.

       Since Christ for me was once condemned,

       I have eternal life in Him!



Since God, my God, condemns me not,

       Since He my sin has blotted out,

       I come with confidence to Him,

       Assured of grace in Christ the Lamb!