Don Fortner


I have a Hope both strong and sure,

A Hope within the veil-

'Tis Christ the Lord, my Advocate;

He pleads and must prevail.

My name is written on His breast,

Inscribed by love and grace:

In Him my heart finds peace and rest,

He does my soul embrace.


Midst tribulation, pain and toil,

He is my Hope and Stay:

I trust His gracious providence

To guide me in His way.


I have no hope within myself,

Christ is my All and All:

My care I cast upon my Lord,

And for His grace I call.


And when my time on earth is done,

And all my care shall cease,

I'll see my Savior as He is,

My Hope I shall embrace!


(Tune: Alas! and Did My Savior Bleed?)

Common Meter 86.86.