Don Fortner


When I'm distressed by things on earth,

And vexed by trials and pain,

I look to God's unseen throne,

And there find peace again.


I find comfort in my God,

My peace comes from His throne:

His oath, His covenant, and His blood

Give me a blessed calm.


When troubled by my many sins,

I turn to Christ my Lord:

I lay my filthy soul on Him,

And trust His pardoning blood.


When I am weak and tempted sore,

And think that I will fall,

I trust the Spirit's keeping pow'r,

And for His mercy call.


Though I am weak, my God is strong,

His covenant still is good;

I find my hope and joy and peace,

Trusting my covenant God.


(Tune: I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say)

Common Meter Double 86.86.D