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“I Change Not!”Don Fortner


(Tune: #249 — Just As I Am —LM)


1.    Blest sons of Jacob, saved by grace,

Our God’s the God of sov’reign grace!

He will perform His wise designs, —

And will not, cannot change His mind.


2.    Though thrones, and empires lie forgot,

God is the same. — He changes not.

And though we oft unfaithful prove,

He loves us with unchanging love!


3.    Our comforts often ebb and flow,

Our God no variation knows!

Though we are sinful, base, and vain

His mercy, grace, and love remain!


4.    This sacred truth my heart will cheer,

`Til sun and moon have disappeared;

And when the plains of bliss I range,

I’ll praise my God, who cannot change!





Don Fortner








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