Don Fortner


(Tune: Take My Life and Let It Be #393 77.77)


Blessed Savior, Lamb of God,

You redeemed me with Your blood,

You have sought me out by grace,

And in heaven fixed my place.


Saved by grace, redeemed by blood,

I belong to You, my God!

By my works, my words, my ways,

Help me to show forth Your praise.


Give me grace to follow You,

With the hated, chosen few;

Help me to forsake the world,

Give me grace to walk with God.


Bridle my tongue when in pain;

Teach me, Lord, not to complain;

When satan tempts, make me strong;

Be my Shield, my Strength, my Song.


When my work on earth is done,

And You bring me safely home,

With a fuller joy I'll own,

I am Your, O Christ, alone!