Don Fortner


(Tune: Depth of Mercy #233)


Saved, I'm saved by grace alone,

Without works that I have done;

Through the merits of Christ's blood

I am reconciled to God.


Saved from satan's bitter yoke

And the law that I had broke;

Saved from sin, and death, and hell,

Saved to do my Master's will.


Saved, I cannot be condemned;

Jesus Christ, the sinner's Friend,

Bore for me the wrath of God,

And redeemed me with His blood.


Trusting Christ, I cannot die;

God has sworn, who cannot lie,

"Whosoever shall believe

On my Son forever lives."


Neither death, nor hell, nor sin,

Can pluck me from Jesus' hand;

Christ is my security!

I am saved eternally!