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Hush All Doubts! Be Gone All Sadness! Don Fortner

(Tune: #291 — Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah —87.87.87)

1.    O my soul, while Christ believing,

Why do I so oft despair?

Why so fretful, unbelieving,

Disinclined to faith and prayer?

God, my Father, loved and chose me,

And says, ŇCast on Me your care!Ó

2.    Though great waves of sorrow, rolling,

Daily threaten to destroy,

This sweet truth is so consoling: —

(Though ten thousand foes annoy!)

Christ Who bought me reigns to save me. —

Nothing shall my soul destroy!

3.    Conflicts, trials, and temptation,

Are the lot of all GodŐs saints.

CovŐnant grace and free salvation, —

Let them silence all complaints!

God the Holy Ghost has sealed me.

Yes, my GodŐs my sure Defense!

4.    Hush all doubts! Be gone all sadness!

Here my troubled soul shall rest,

Changing all my grief for gladness,

This I must and will confess: —

God all-wise and ever-gracious,

Always, only does whatŐs best!







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