How Sweet, How Precious Is The Name!—Don Fortner

(Tune: The Doxology—LM)


How sweet, how precious is the name

Of Jesus Christ, our Lord, the Lamb,

The name that suits the sinner’s case,

Bursting with righteousness and grace!


His name is Wonderful indeed,

The name which needy sinners plead—

Jesus, the Savior, suits us well!

He saves from sin, and death, and hell!


Immanuel! We bless Your name!

(Incarnate God, yet God, the same!)

Eternal Father! Prince of Peace!

God in the flesh, our Hiding Place!


Our Savior is the Lord of Hosts.

Of His almighty pow’r we boast.

All that our helpless souls can need,

We find in our exalted Head!


Poor, needy sinners in distress,

We look to Christ for life and grace.

Naked, we come to Him for dress,