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How Good and Wise JehovahÕs Ways Don Fortner

(Tune: # 497 — When I can Read My Title Clear — CM)


1.    How good and wise JehovahÕs ways,

And infinite His love!

Awake and sing your SaviorÕs praise, —

You who His goodness prove.


2.     He brings the blind by paths unknown,

Up from the gates of hell;

Goodness and mercy to His throne,

At last, bring them to dwell.


3.    What crooked things confuse our minds!

But those His grace makes straight!

His chosen Christ in darkness finds,

That He may light create.


4.    Jehovah promised these to do,

And says, HeÕll not forsake.

Our God is faithful, just, and true! —

His -word He will not break.


5.    All things are working for our good,

Though dark, and crooked now;

Oh, give us grace, our faithful God,

To trust and humbly bow!







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