Holy Bible, Precious Treasure — Don Fortner

(Tune: #144 — Hark! Ten Thousand Harps and Voice —87.87 D)


1.       Holy Bible, precious treasure! Here redemption’s story’s told!

May it be the Spirit’s pleasure its great myst’ry to unfold,

And illuminate its pages with His light and grace divine!

Oh, what hope and joy He raises, showing Christ in ev’ry line!


2.       Here we see grace and glory of the Triune God above,

On each page we read the story of His great redeeming love.

Here we read of our creation, and a greater wonder’s told: —

God proclaims complete salvation for poor sinners young and old!


3.       Read, my soul, and weep and wonder, how the holy, righteous God,

Silences the law’s great thunder, by sweet mercy’s gentle word.

By His grace He saves transgressors, bowed so low with sin in fear,

Making us heaven’s possessors, and with Christ, His Son, joint-heirs!


4.       Oh, how sweet the revelation of our God and His great love!

Let us join, in admiration, with the ransomed hosts above.

Tell abroad the wondrous story! Tell it with renewed delight!

And in this great flood of glory, be my soul forever bright!