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“Hold Thou Me Up” Don Fortner

(Tune: #342 — Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone — CM)



1.    Oppressed with guilt, beset with snares,

To You, dear Lord, I call;

On You, I cast my woes and cares. —

Oh, do not let me fall!


2.    I seek Your grace and trust Your pow’r,

While earth is my abode;

Uphold me in each trying hour,

In Zion’s narrow road.


3.    How many who once seemed so safe,

Have given up their race!

Hold Thou me up, I shall be safe!

Uphold me by Your grace!


4.    Though bitter sorrows fill my cup,

And loads of guilt oppress,

I’m safe if Jesus holds me up,

And joyful if He bless.


5.    Hold Thou me up,” shall be my cry,

While I have life and breath;

And, oh, may Jesus Christ be nigh,

To hold me up in death.




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